Gunung Batukaru

Besides National Park west Bali, only Batukaru mountain which still leave natural forest view in the Deity Island. highly 2.275 metre, (from sea level) this mount become one of alternatives for the man who like to mount.
Journey atop of this mountain very pleasant, cold, green and very calm, but in raini condition this place become very dangerous. Because footpath surface is very slippery. So, neglectless
Journey to go up usually eat time 3-6 hours. Can be done in one journey, but usually one who mount take the opportunity to intentionally to lodge before culminate. You can get guidance in Wangaya Gede countryside, two kilometre northside August Gate and you can rent tent over there
A ittle walkthrough, if you going to top, as departure location take the Pura, open eye and about 200 metre from gate, you will see river. Wade that river through bridge, From that bridge follow footpath to bring you atop.
In batukaru hillside there are Pura Luhur one of the Sad Kahyangan. This Pura difficult enough to reach. precipitous field oblige car machine which powerfull enough to be able to come there. Publik transport here only going to pura if there is ceremony in pura. In other day, they await special order.


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