Uluwatu is the name of a countryside, also the name of Pura, praying place for hinduism people. typical, its Pura located in tip of bank as high as almost 200 metre, above sea. It’s like horrible. Its own bank have length of 300 metre and wide only about 10-20 metre. As far as eye look into only south sea with high wave. Horrible but very interresting.

In this Pura areal life some monkey which by Bali society assumed as duwe ( holy). Walo assumed as sacred, nature of is naughty still there. What most often that the monkey will rob your eyeglasses or your bag. Please be carefull, but don’t worry there many animal tamer will help you to persuade the monkeys.

Bay the way, to step into the Pura areal there are some regulation and condition which must fulfill. Don’T worry, it’s easy.


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