Garuda Wisnu Kencana

The Idea of Garuda Wisnu Kencana ( GWK) is very amazing. A small town with all facility like entertainment amusement, expense center and recreation place for the width of tens of hectare. Of course don’t forget statue GWK itself. Its plan will boost as high as 128 metre and according to news represent the highest statue in world for the category of idol.

GWK Located in hill area with beautiful view like Coast Kuta and Jimbaran in the distance, Airport Ngurah Rai and Port of benoa. You can reach GWK through some band. one of the route is through UNUD campus or direct through Jimbaran main road with a few blind turning and is dangerous

Project of GWK have been started long days. In the year 2000, almost 50% ready made entertainment amusement facility. There is 2 especial level to perform artistry event. small area, suited for theater, band concert or artistry. king sized the other with giant pillar. If there is a national/international event it must be here.

Going around GWK will make us marvel. area which initialy stone hill which is precipitous to be turned into a giant building with marvellous architecture. Crosscut hill become giant pillars like buildings in mesir, but remain with Bali style. They cut the hill like cutting cheese. Mad!

Unfortunately, GWK not yet been expressed to finish finely, ratify in this time its development not yet looked to be when will end.

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