Batu Bulan

Batubulan Located around 10 km from Denpasar town and 17 km from Gianyar town.
Countryside Batubulan which abut on Celuk countryside and Singapadu have equality in the case of artistry, that is: dance art, idol and music that captivating liver.
Pursuant to its idol form,Batubulan have separate form and rather extreme compare with it’s other. This is clearly looks at holy building, house, office, bridge, hotel, restaurant and others which you cannot meet in other place.

If you wish more anthusiastic, you have to use your opportunity sight seeing at the artshop which there are alongside walk.

You earn to see sculptors which is engrossing their idea to make thier individualis masterpiece, like: deity idol, puppets figure, The Budha, even giant and of a kind ( the example a couple devil Asnawa-Kompiang )

Majority using Materials in the form of Paras, coming from mount eruption and become sediment. Its colour is gray and easy to formed.
Paras idol seldom be liked by tourist, but most bought by local people for custom.
Besides as decoration, in the reality there is something else which do not less important, that is as religion of Hindu society in Bali. Atmosphere of Hindu very felt here, so that no wonder if Paras can be met in private sector office and also governance

If you are in coincidence walks in Batubulan, please stop by in its shop of Made Sura and Made Leceg laid at main road. Their shop rather complete and sell cinderamata in big capacities, like: artistic furniture from bamboo, antique goods, and multifarious of beautiful engraving manner.

Greatness of local Sculptures can we see at Pura Puseh where they alli the element culture of Hindu with element of others. You can see mammoth elephant idol ( in bali there are no mammoth) and idol of The Bhuda with typical mimick of Balinese ( very naughty didn’t they?)

You can also see East Javanese King Airlangga idol from alliing Java elements and Bali. Pura Spandrel more like individuality of South India. Even though, it’s not mean that actors here are plagiator plagiarizing result of others masterpiece. Their find something new from some borrowed book from Hall Archaeology
This pura hold high by local society as respect form to The infinite /Ida Sanghyang Widi that looking after and taking care the continuity of their life.
Since year 1936, dances continue to show in this countryside. But since independence war breaks, there are no dance stage. This present moment, dances still often show, except toly of Feast Day Of Nyepi . “Denjalan Barong”, original dance of this countryside is created by year 1970 and show every morning to accompany drama dance Barong. In the year 80’s famous artistry grup formed, that is: Glorious Puri and Tegaltamu.
Special for the consumption of yous and tourist, look on will be more be taken a short cut and is consumptive. So you don’t need to think about complicated story. This matter is a kind of recreation in the form of easy to understood and simple. This meaningless drag on, because during show there will be interspers with surprising humors.

Besides especial figure; there are also coltish figures, naughty monkey but cute, typical pantomin art and giant of Batubulan. It is important to know also, Batubulan represent Kecak Bojog dance provenance ( bojog = monkey) created by year 1928 by Walter Spies artist addressed to Germany film stage manager, Baron von Plessen, which producing first film about Bali ’ The Isle Demon of’ in the year 1931. In the film narrating when both of them look on God Dedari dance, sudden one of the dancer hop to to the attraction and podium and dancing Line Dance.
This Matter awaken Spies idea, that there is combination between sakral dance which its dancer possesed by a spirit attraction and soul dancing baris dance that representing war dance.
Later;Then he include original gamelan element in that dance in film. But later on day he very disappointed, because the elements do not be packed into this film

In this present moments you have see four dances at the same time every day and sit on bamboo chair at the same time enjoy to views gardens. Every weekend, you can view dance Kecak and God dance at separate podium. Thisis a famous dance and accompanied with Horse Kepang dance which walk above embers, and also accompanied by two God Dedari dancer which is beloved and cute.

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