About Nusa Lembongan

I wish to share regarding the adventure to Nusa Lembongan. All of you surely have known that Nusa Lembongan known as its diving land. But not only that, In the reality over there there is break point which is big wave and big fair to middling wave make surfing. You can leave from sanur coast near by Grand Bali Beach Hotel. Over there you can buy boat ticket at the price of 7000 rupiah for each.In the middle of the journey, if you Iucky, you can see flying fish with its attraction beside your boat.

After one half hour journey, you’d reach Nusa Lembongan. here you’d feel typical air, That is aroma go out to sea with its charming reef. Afterwards You go down at Jungut Stone, and fringe coast and look for place for the rest of.Here You can fringe the coast and find the best place to install tent. Afterwards you can look for good break point for the surfing of. Stand by, because to the number of visitor possible difficulty to look for place to install tent. In the reality, alongside of Jungut Stone coast is full of is countrified of fisherman, but is not dirty. There are also coastal bar and restaurant alongside but not as crowded as Kuta. Some bungalow with different tariffs ready to greet arrival all of you in Lembongan.If you do not find empty farm to pitch a tent, also you can look for losmen with snugly tariff.

The LosmenThat so simple Losmen called Jonny’S Losmen. here you can get room with price as low as 15.000 rupiah per night. It’s very Cheap is’n it ?

this losmen represent eldest losmen in Lembongan which is located in Jungut Stone.

I recommend this Losmen for the adventurer, if you wish to look for better, quite a few available in this Jungut Stone.

According to me, this losmen is nice enough, clean and and also it still remain its classic ornamen.

According to Mr. this Pepek, the losmen organizer, there are some famous point surf in Jungut Batu. Among the others is Shipwreck point, named that way caused by sunken boat around it in his point. Its big fair to middling wave and power full. Besides, there is also Coconut point beach. Besides engrossing for the surfing of, also you can can enjoying beautiful sunset and amaze. Looks like sunset in Kuta coast, but here with fisherman boat background.

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